Transform and Check Out

Transformers have it rough. They are loathed, they are loved. Trust me, I’m a biased fan.

But with the upcoming lineup of October’s PS Plus, NO ONE can go wrong. Not only will your PS4 get Transformers: Devastation, Platinum Games’ oldskool take on the franchise, but you’ll get the remake of classic zombie horror game Resident Evil as an added bonus – not counting the games for PS3 and PS Vita.

Wreck and rule

Wreck and rule

Do it. Renew that subscription. You have the power. You’ve got The Touch.

Alien Hominid’s keeping it simple – [soundbyte a]

One of the first flash-to-console games that entered my collection, Alien Hominid is simple fun and endless entertainment, up until your brain has turned to mush.

Case in point, the music follows suit:

Every session needed at least 2 minutes staring at the intro screen and listening to the first tempting tunes.
How do you keep playing a simple pencil-drawn minigame hours on end?

And let’s not forget about the 4 player ALL YOU CAN EAT button-mashing bonanza! (past the 13sec mark)

Thanks, Matthew Harwood.

Monster Hunter Nickelodeon

Or 4KidsEntertainment, Cartoon Network, or whatever caters to millennials with short attention spans, lots of love for the new chibi 3D trend, and a strong penchant for cutesy PG anime.

I’m one of those people who refuses to buy yet another Nintendo system just to be able to enjoy the next Monster Hunter (or Bayonetta). Even though I’m not a fan of the newest spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories falls in that same category and will sadly not grace my collection.

The anime however, might be worth a shot. Were I 20 years younger.

The 7th Guest – [soundbyte #]

I never played The – critically acclaimed horror puzzle game – 7th Guest (1993), nor its sequel The – less than stellar – 11th Hour (1995), but if the music‘s any indication, I should really be getting to it.
Loving the main theme, and I keep hearing Minnie the Moocher in the ending song.

When a cult game reminds me of a cult movie, that’s never a bad thing.

BioShocked about the Collection

It’s here.

But it’s not worth your money again if you don’t have a gaming console.

PC optimization has gone through some hoops and missed quite a few – including mistakes made ten years ago as well – making the first two games a chore to play.

Console gaming should be rather fine though, so if you haven’t experienced a trip through Rapture yet, now’s the time.

PC gamers should hold their seahorses until it rains patches.

PlayStation 4 Pro – aka PS3PlusTenYears

So the ‘new’ Playstation will most likely be able to render all games in full HD at sixty frames per second? You mean to say that Sony’s pitch for its 2006 PS3 release has finally become truth?

Too bad its life expectancy was about 2 years.

Too bad its life expectancy was about 2 years.

Can it play PS2/PS3 discs?


How about all those PSN games I accrued over the years, some for which I need to keep my subscription going till the end of times?

Also no?

This conversation is over. There’s no such thing as ‘PRO’.

I found the PERFECT CELL

and it already has Android 8

And it’s already got Android 8.


I know you watched pure pixel porn.

And what was once in the palm of your hand, now comes to the big screen!

DUELYST freebies!


PUNCH CLUB on PC, Mac and Linux!

Relive high school in PRISON ARCHITECT, join the previous century in ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON, and much, much more, still within burger meal price range!

Hey Square Enix

Good job adding Ehrgeiz as a minigame in the Final Fantasy VII remake. You rock.



Another Russia-themed Pixel Fiesta Kickstarter

About dogs, barbecued bears, and lots of backwards K’s. Meet Russian Subway Dogs!

It’s cute, it’s sassy, it’s got less than 2 days left to gather a shitload of money. Such wodka, much dreams, wow.