I saw an okay movie the other day…

…and It Follows that music composer Disasterpeace is awesome.

He’s got a knack for providing your daily horror dose through eerie music and psychedelic sound effects, as well as making sure certain mobile, flash and indie games become more iconic than the sum of their parts. And even if you care nothing about movie or game scores, I’m sure everyone can find a tune to their liking in his evergrowing repertoire.

If you’re not convinced, at least hear him out in Bandcamp’s latest interview right here which came out right after I saw It Follows and when I wanted to do a [soundbyte i] piece as well as write something about Disasterpeace…Hmm…Paranoid much? Who’s that behind me?

I’ll leave you with one of his latest creations. Enjoy.




Peeps, don’t forget, it’s Liberty Day today!

So boot up your copy of Helldivers and grab those goodies! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!


More on this awesome game right here.

Complementary photoshoot

Complementary photoshoot


Nintendoo Switcharoo

The storm has passed. Any and all are in the know, and each has an opinion.

What about you?

Loving the return to game cartridges.

Loving the return to game cartridges.

I’m genuinely interested, as my point of view is often not even shared by my closest friends – one of them actually bought Battlefield 1 right after my plea not to fall for the money trap – and if there’s anything I learned from the internet, it’s that diverging opinions make for hilarious results.

As for me, I don’t need another cross-play cross-handheld/console for the sake of playing a few extra Marios and Zeldas here and there. It’s a cute idea but my laptop/phone/PSVita still work wonders.

Also, this.

Hotline Music – [soundbyte h]

What more do you need when laying waste to scores of pixelated mobsters, dogs, phone company employees and Biker Men from Hell?

A Killer soundtrack.

That's with a capital K.

That’s with a capital K.

Both Hotline Miami and its sequel Wrong Number bring out the worst in people, with the best of tunes.
Many of the licensed music artists know their way around games, but all of them have a knack at driving you to virtual psychotic blood lust.

Put your hands together for these electro/synthwave wizards, and enjoy the auditory madness from Jasper Byrne (Lone Survivor), Scattle (Super Meat Boy), El Huervo (else { Heart.break()), Perturbator and Carpenter Brut (Furi), Mitch Murder (Kung Fury), and so many more.

Full playlists below, game impression coming in a few weeks.

Battlefield 1 – or how pre-ordering reached a new low

Everybody’s got a hard-on for Battlefield 1.

Meteor to the face

It’s like No Man’s Sky all over again, but with more EA tags plastered all around it.

But this isn’t DICE trying a new IP. This newest retelling of an old war simulation game in a line of lots of war simulation games in a world of so many war simulation games… is actually pretty good.

Or so they say.

So I guess asking 140 euros – or 130 dollars – for the most specialestest of digital versions – as opposed to a physical version with actual gadgets and stuff – is totally legit.

That’s right. For only 2 to 3 times the price of a regular AAA game, you can be THE MOST ELITE VIRTUAL SOLDIER EVER, playing deadly tag on maps way before your poorer – or more financially sane – compatriots.

Take my left kidney as well

Take my left kidney as well please

To anyone who falls for this Day-1-Post-Pre-Order-DLC shit, please, enlighten me…


Transform and Fold Out!

Short on cash for the coming holidays? Got a lot of whiny nephews and nieces to cater for?

Just find yourself a printer and make your own gifts! It’s 3D printing avant la lettre!

Adorablus Prime

Adorablus Prime

Find more of these paperformers on cyberdrone.deviantart.com or pixelsagas.com/?page_id=2322

Or roam the web for all sorts of papercraft. Save pennies, kill trees.

All hail the God Hand’s soundtrack – [soundbyte g]

Because if there’s anything crazier than Clover Studio/ PlatinumGames’ oldskool brawler hit God Hand, it’s the soundtrack.

Although it’s not every day you fight a demon disguised as a man in a gorilla suit who also happens to be a luchador.

Endless Posts

I will keep this short, as I’m starting to endlessly repeat myself.

  • Get the Endless Trilogy with ALL (but one) DLC on Steam Super Sale! Almost no money for Endless Enjoyment!
  • Get that Tempest add-on for completion!
    A new faction, new weather and world events, new quests and items, and 4 new music tracks produced by FlybyNo! Totally worth the money you saved from the Super Deal!
    You can find ALL music in your Steam folder by the way.

  • Endless Hunger? Why don’t you pick up early access Endless Space 2 while you’re at it?
    Not on sale though, and clearly not polished, so I can’t vouch for it yet.

That’s it.

No more Endless posts until next year, I promise.


Remember that time you got pwned at your own favourite game?

 Digging the Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya references.

Furi (ous anger) – [soundbyte f]

Are you a fan of synthwave? Good.

Are you a fan of bitching hard games? Great.

Time to destroy those ears and fingers with The Game Bakers’ too-hard-for-its-own-good Furi, to the beat of original compositions by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper and Kn1ght.

Can you believe this game was ‘free’ on PS Plus upon release? I’m still convinced someone, somewhere, f*cked up real good.