Strider Hiryu is cool

He’s one of the coolest kids on the Marvel vs Capcom block, if not THE coolest.


Look at him, taking center stage.

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Devil May Cry – the reboot you never knew you needed


The Son of Sparda.

He striketh once again, and he striketh true.


This has nothing to do with the game, at all.

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Tales from the Borderlands – for fans and newcomers alike

We wandered through an exquisite Telltale rendition of the already colourful world of Borderlands, and could not ask for a better way to spend five entertaining evenings.

Swag and Swagger.

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Oh Squaresoft, what have you become …

It was not enough to announce paid downloadable content for Final Fantasy 15 before the main game was even out.

Postponing PS4 acquisition – reason nr. 103

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A day at Gamescom 2017

Or, a genuine game blog post (but not really)



The short version.


What surprised us the most?
Grapefruit beer

What surprised us the least?
Three kinds of sauce with some fries

What is our fondest memory?
The monstrous exodus fifteen minutes after the big Blizzard announcement

What is our biggest regret?
Never knowing what the announcement was about j/k we don’t fucking care

What would we like to see next year?
An AXE stand




The long version.

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It’s that time of the year again

High time to pack your bags, grab one last sandwich, and hit the road to whichever festival strikes your fancy.



See you all in a few weeks, for more game rants and other word porn!

But for now, have a complementary KISS / “Sailor Moon” crossover.

It’s … glorious.



Right up until the moment where it just gets too fuckin’ weird.

This article is not about tits.

Well, maybe it is, a little.

But it’s more about three upcoming fighting games who try to redraw the rules of engagement, or give fans exactly what they want.

Besides tits.


But also tits.

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Sega Saturn’s real mascot

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there…


I can’t tell you how Sega managed to lose the millennial console war with Segata Sanshiro at the helm. But it might have something to do with him blowing up in space after saving the release of the Dreamcast…


Should’ve just let it go man.


A vain effort indeed. For darn shame.

[J] Jotun – in the Shade of the Colossi


Short, beautiful, and the right amount of gripping content. Like most of my reviews. Ahem.


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RIP Photobucket

Today, I would have presented you with a short impression about Jotun, a beautifully succint game about Norse mythology.

Unfortunately, Photobucket suddenly decided to charge $400/year, basically blocking most of my current pics and gifs.

The bigger they are...

Thank god for Youtube… Right?

So the deal’s off, boys and girls, even more so than before.

Time to pick up the pieces, use some duct tape and WD40 here and there, and see you ‘soon’?