Painfully accurate.

Sonic could use some more devolutions tho, and Crash a mega-evolution soon!


Got yourself a US-account on PSN? Still feelin’ some love for Capcom? Head on over to Humble Bundle for some sweet ass deals!

Only 1 buck for this beauty.

Feeling left out because none of the above applies to you? Try the other Bundle on for size! It’s twice as crazy!

Who needs No Man’s Sky anyway?


What happens when Double Dragon and Hotline Miami do the hanky-panky on bad acid?

You get this here hellspawn.

I’m not a fan of hype and previews, but sometimes things just look too good or gnarly not to share…

Robo-Shroom at BOOM

Big up to Robo-Shroom for taking over these last couple of weeks, even though he couldn’t quite get Facebook to show correct links to posts.

THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE. Off to the Boom Festival grounds with you, and save us a spot for next time!

And here is a youtube snippet of Solar Fields’ evening performance, which totally doesn’t do it justice, AT ALL, but believe me when I say this was one of the highlights of the festival.

Keep it up Magnus.

Turtles in Time

After 25 years, this title finally makes sense. The tunes are absolutely positively ageless though.


Repent, Sinner

They almost got me again. Damn it. Nearly renounced my own credo…

I don’t own a PS4. There is one in my house somewhere, but it’s not mine. I can use it for specific purposes, but I don’t own it.

I wanted a new Grand Theft Auto. For oldskool shits and giggles. Number 5 came up, but I couldn’t. I knew it was going to be buggy. Incomplete. DLC Stories would probably follow. I’ll hold.

My backbone is strong. Metal Gear Solid 5 almost pushed me over the edge. But then I saw they were going to release a bigger, better PlayStation. Fine, I’ll hold again.

Remastered games, brilliant sequels, updated indies… Nope, just a little longer.

Final fantasy 15’s hype was getting to me. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was going to crack! Take all of my mon…!


Season Pass? DLC that’s got ‘episode’ in the name? Whu…wha…why…

I’ll hold on a while longer.

Final Fantasy XV Season Pass announced [Update]


Blue Bomber Blues

I’m kidding, this ain’t blues. This is 80’s chiptune so rad your brain will never be able to compute, from a game series as hardcore as the soundtrack itself.

Cats and dogs and oh shit a lion

Have you heard of Tokyo Jungle? You’ll never look at a Beagle the same way again.




No Man’s Sky

This game is out now. I’m not home to witness the world go mad. Someone please tape the good parts.


Pokemon Rusty

I needed this in my life.

So do you.