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Come hither and marvel at the audio-visual wonders of yore and present time, the likes of which you may have never seen or experienced!! We have everything you never knew you wanted! Every craving will be satiated, every ailment cured, and every soul saved!

doc terminus

Not satisfied? Guaranteed money back!

Satisfied? Spread the gospel!


Our Mushion Objective


Previews, first-day reviews, spoiling trailers, screaming youtubers,… you can find those elsewhere on the World Wide Web. Hands tied behind your back.

We offer humble impressions, more often than not based on (un)blissful memory, fuelled by music, art, conversation, and a good old-fashioned replay. Maybe not always structured and to the point,but we do have some sort of standard in what we like to share with the world, so every kind of (non-)gamer can benefit from our ramblings…


whether they be so-called GOTY or Director’s Cut editions, have all their DLC integrated, became Remastered or HD-ified, or are just plain old vanilla triple-A or indie games that have passed the test of time.


ico shadow

Hell yes.


We share no love for pre-orders, season passes, or Day 1 DLC, nor do we condone the practice of releasing updated versions, the likes of which are considered as stand-alone games and priced as such, nor do we admire the endless stream of skin packs, palette swaps and music singles what cannot be unlocked in-game.


No. Just… no.


Only when all is said and done, and one is able to acquire a full gaming package with no strings attached, only then shall we turn the other cheek and embrace your fairly priced glory.


…such as they are delivered in the shape of licenced music, original soundtracks and scores, or musical artists, nay, geniuses who hop from one virtuosic virtual venue to another.



So there’s this one guy right


Music is love. Music is life. Without it many games wouldn’t even function as intended, while others will lack that certain oomph. Go for stock samples, repetitive chiptune or your mother’s dubstep, and witness how your creation disappears into a cesspool of mediocrity.


Please… stop.

Put someone with nimble fingers, a voice from heaven or a heart made of soul at the turntables, and your oeuvre will rise to epic proportions.


People come for the music, but stay for the man tears.


ny And All Art

Alliterate way of saying that we’ll put anything or anyone in the spotlight that warrants some attention, such as voice actors, (in)famous characters, development studios, concept art, deviantart, kickstart, flowchart, sweetheart well you get the point.

Word of mouth can be a powerful thing, and we can all use a pat on the back now and then.
Or, you know what they say: There is no such thing as bad publicity.

But above all…


Don’ take us too seriously.

Honour your past, enjoy the present, and embrace the future.


‘ave a good game.


Big ups and downs to...

James “Jim” Dale as Doc Terminus in Pete’s Dragon, by Walt Disney Productions. Renowned voice actor for US Harry Potter audiobooks.
ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD, by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Team ICO, and Bluepoint Games
Street Fighter IV and all its derivatives, by Capcom
Obscure, by Mighty Rocket Studios, DreamCatcher Interactive and Microids
Alone in the Dark - Inferno, by Eden Games and Atari Inc.
Of Orcs and Men, by Cyanide, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive
Assassin's Creed - Freedom Cry, by Ubisoft Montréal
Destination: Treasure Island, by Kheops Studio and Nobilis
Bound by Flame, by Spiders and Focus Home Entertainment
Remember Me, by DontNod Entertainment and Capcom
Harold, by Moon Spider Studio
Supernova, by Primal Game Studio and Namco-Bandai
Technomancer, by Spiders and Focus Home Interactive
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, by Capcom
NIER, by Square Enix
DMC, Hellblade, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, by Ninja Theory
cosplay of Nariko from Heavenly Sword, by illyne and Nakana
fanart of Enslaved - Odyssey to the West, by Benlo
Andy Serkis, de facto motion capture artist, as himself
The King of All Cosmos from We Love Katamari, by Namco-Bandai
Sonic & Sonic from Sonic Generations, by SEGA
Pong, by Atari Inc.

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