Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, In The Mix – [soundbyte g]

Sir, Madam, are you familiar with ‘ (1985) most iconic tune? If not, I urge you to first check out a minute or two of any of the playthroughs below.     Got that theme memorized? Time for… Read More


So I binge watched and binge played everything so-called ‘canon’ Alien out there, and this is my conclusion: “A few minutes is all you need to appreciate the little things in life.“

Days of Ruin – [soundbyte d]

Disclaimer: last-gen handheld soundtracks can sound grating to the uninitiated ear. Imagine you’re on a battlefield or something. Enjoy! One of my favorite handheld games – it’s still plugged into the old dusty DS for when the need arises –… Read More

Another old acquaintance, another heartfelt reunion.

  Like Odin Sphere (2007) became Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (2016) when it fluttered from PS2 to PS4 / Vita, so did Muramasa – The Demon Blade (2009) become Muramasa Rebirth (2013) when it made the jump from Wii… Read More

The forgotten Prey

About 10 years ago, some time after (2004), and some time before (2007), a game was released. It blew me away.

Bionic Soundsystem – [soundbyte b]

Bionic Commando is rad. Its protagonist, Nathan Spencer, is Rad. The soundtracks are, most of the time, super rad. No, seriously.

Wonder Boy Meets World

It’s taken almost 30 years, but our Boy Wonder has returned! Relive his epic adventure in high def hand-drawn glory, or in 8-bit nostalgia-drenched bliss!

Only THE best combat racing game. Evahr.

Don’t even bother. All your arguments are invalid. Why am I bringing this up now? First of all, Jak X – Combat Racing is COMING BACK!

You’ve got mail.

“It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you we have lost our final bit of integrity, with this upcoming Collector’s Edition re-release of Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age.”

Another World. Oddworld. Meet Rain World.

This. This is on my radar.