Day of the Devs – A Humble Selection

If you already have a gaming backlog you won’t able to finish in three lifetimes, I have bad news for you. Here’s Humble Bundle again with some grade-A indie games, courtesy of 2017, mostly. I don’t know how… Read More

The Down Under Humble Bundle – a tactical decision

Oy mate. Put another shrimp on the barbie. Okay that’s all I’ve got. The full extent of my “down under” vocabulary. Let’s move on to the games. Or skip everything and go Humble!   The Pay-Nothing Tier  

Oh Squaresoft, what have you become …

It was not enough to announce paid downloadable content for Final Fantasy 15 before the main game was even out.

A day at Gamescom 2017

Or, a genuine game blog post (but not really) ***   The short version.   What surprised us the most? Grapefruit beer What surprised us the least? Three kinds of sauce with some fries What is our fondest… Read More

It’s that time of the year again

High time to pack your bags, grab one last sandwich, and hit the road to whichever festival strikes your fancy.     See you all in a few weeks, for more game rants and other word porn! But… Read More

This article is not about tits.

Well, maybe it is, a little. But it’s more about three upcoming fighting games who try to redraw the rules of engagement, or give fans exactly what they want. Besides tits.  

RIP Photobucket

Today, I would have presented you with a short impression about Jotun, a beautifully succint game about Norse mythology. Unfortunately, Photobucket suddenly decided to charge $400/year, basically blocking most of my current pics and gifs. Thank god for Youtube…… Read More

Jumping on the newswagon

Because it’s everywhere, and you can’t ignore it: The SNES Classic Mini is coming our way. And it is loaded – as expected – with only the finest 16-bit classics who once went on to spawn gazillions of sequels,… Read More

The important things in life

That time you travelled the world, discovering golden pyramids and ancient lizard people, while crushing anything and anyone that stood in your way.    

Me going to an actual concert

That moment when you see followed by starry visuals while Hans Zimmer is building up his of drums and snares live in front of you.