Me going to an actual concert

That moment when you see followed by starry visuals while Hans Zimmer is building up his of drums and snares live in front of you.      

Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, In The Mix – [soundbyte g]

Sir, Madam, are you familiar with ‘ (1985) most iconic tune? If not, I urge you to first check out a minute or two of any of the playthroughs below.     Got that theme memorized? Time for… Read More

Everyone needs more clay in their life

And if you gotta start somewhere, start by checking out Lee Hardcastle‘s awesome slash gruesome “claysploitation” videos. This is not your daddy’s DOOM.

Whoever thought Final Fantasy wasn’t METAL enough… – [soundbyte f]

…can always count on the world wide web to provide. Although it’s more of a synth rock metal orchestral chiptune fusion kinda thing, no?

Ecco the #$@&%*! dolphin – [soundbyte e]

These games were hard as balls.   And it made the atmospheric MegaDrive soundtracks all the more memorable. Take it with a grain of nostalgia salt.

Days of Ruin – [soundbyte d]

Disclaimer: last-gen handheld soundtracks can sound grating to the uninitiated ear. Imagine you’re on a battlefield or something. Enjoy! One of my favorite handheld games – it’s still plugged into the old dusty DS for when the need arises –… Read More

Crossing Space, Time and Soundscapes – [soundbyte c]

Of course I’m alluding to the cult classic Chrono series, brilliant games to which many an RPGamer became enamored with one time or other. The soundtracks to both Chrono Trigger (1995) and Chrono Cross (1999) have played a great part… Read More

My life is finally complete.

For I have witnessed The Cybertronic Spree – aka the cast from the real Transformers movie – cover not only the soundtrack from said movie, but the Power Rangers theme as well, with a splash of Doom. Also, Pokémon and… Read More

Bionic Soundsystem – [soundbyte b]

Bionic Commando is rad. Its protagonist, Nathan Spencer, is Rad. The soundtracks are, most of the time, super rad. No, seriously.

Only THE best combat racing game. Evahr.

Don’t even bother. All your arguments are invalid. Why am I bringing this up now? First of all, Jak X – Combat Racing is COMING BACK!