All hail the God Hand

What makes less sense than having Michael Bay make snuff movies about your childhood heroes?


Created by the now defunct Clover Studio, this non-sensical, over-the-top brawler goes the whole mile with its table-flipping, nut-crunching, libido-wrecking Fist-of-the-Northstar-on-acid shenanigans, accompanied by the catchiest and silliest music this side of the Katamari.

Clover Studio, also known for their zany Viewtiful Joe series and beautiful Ookami, went on to kick more ass under the moniker PlatinumGames.

You know. MadWorld, Bayonetta, Vanquish, to name a few. The sequel to NIER is up next (and it’s making me shit bricks).
And oh hey, they even made Transformers and TMNT games without skull****ing established lore. How about them apples, mr. Bay?



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