All of Man’s Sky

I admit. I never looked into the whole debacle. I don’t know what was promised, or what people were expecting. All I know is that it involved space travel and an infinite number of planets.
Its pitch did remind me of Borderlands87 Bazillion Guns trailer, and we all know how that ended.
hint: with a lot less guns

So ditching all the pre-context, it looks neat anyhow, and I’d probably enjoy it.

But if you need more out of your space-faring adventures, may I suggest TWO other games to fill in your blanks? Don’t worry, both of them together are cheaper than No Man’s Sky.

For exploration and creation, both online and offline, have a look at Osiris: New Dawn.

For high-speed space battles in a rogue-like environment, try out EVERSPACE.

Mind you, these are Early Access. But it looks like they’re already showing off more than what others only hinted at…

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