Alone in 2Dark

The Alone in the Dark game franchise is dead.

Done for.

Lights out and put on ice.

The movie franchise is booming however. Click to see how much people loved this flick.

Inferno (2008) did a lot of things right for a last-gen horror action game, but also an equal amount of wrong. On one hand you have an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack, a cool inventory system, a clever re-cap intro each time you boot the game, and some really heart-pounding scripted sequences.

But on the other hand these were all marred by clunky controls, sub-par voice-overs in a sub-par story, and a lot of cheap deaths (mostly because of said controls).

This is the only trailer without a techno remix slapped on. What’s wrong with you people?


Illumination (2015), then again, did everything wrong, and should by no means be called an Alone in the Dark game. Though there are wispers that a recent patch fixed many a problem, I have yet to muster the courage to pick it up again.

From eery survival horror to flat out shooting hellspawn in the face. Thanks for the heads-up, Resident Evil 6.


But why should I?
Developer Gloomywood – comprised of several members who made the original Alone in the Dark (and Little Big Adventure) – is whipping up their own voxel-powered horror game, 2Dark.
So if I’m bound to play another spiritual spin-off, why not this one?



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