Anxious to feed actual trolls?

Then head over to Project Syria on Steam, and get ready to meet the lowest of the low.

And be glad it's 'just a game' for you.

And be glad it’s ‘just a game’ for you.

Released in 2013, this ‘immersive journalism piece’ is now VR-capable and swiftly became a beacon of misery and toxicity for the world wide web to enjoy. As it is a free game, it allows practically anyone to comment – and I use this verb in the broadest sense possible – on how they feel about a little bit of reality in their games.

As a game, it IS pretty bad though. But it could lay the foundations for better, more immersive experiences, and blur the line between games and educational tools. And I don’t mean just for school children.

I picked up this story on Polygon, where the comments thankfully pulled me away from the cesspit that is becoming Steam.

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