I’m not a huge metal fan.


Nor am I an avid Batman lover.


But I’m totally digging effin’ BatMetal.

If you haven’t seen BatMetal or its sequel BatMetal Returns yet, you are missing out on some of the finer stuff in life.



With songs from Dethklok, the famous virtual band from the infamous Metalocalypse series, Batman and his Robins rock your socks off while giving Spongebob and Big Daddy the beatdown of a lifetime.

Obviously, the guys at ArhyBES need a lot of time – and money – to pour into their creations, and releases are far and few between.

But, like, whatever dude.

Me, I can watch these clips all day long.


Also, JekBlek Mutah Nija Turols .

With Jack Black, the dude from that one movie and some kind of game.

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