Blood, bullets, and bananas

What if I told you Morpheus was a banana?

Find out the truth in My Friend Pedro, a short but action-packed flash game that’s all about the slow-mo and the shoot’em-up. And the cray-cray.

Deadtoast Entertainment – aka Victor Agren – is no stranger to great or short games, having been part of Media Molecule (Little Big Planet) and the team behind the PC version of Rag Doll Kung Fu.

Short. Silly. Stupendously funny.

Wanna check out some of his stuff yourself, FOR FREE?

Have a look at RURUGU for an exquisite selection of simple, yet fun games, and head on over to eg. Newgrounds to give them a spin.
You’ll love games like Achtung Wurst, in which you spin around a laser-toting bratwurst, or Properly Broccoli, where one must avoid eating one’s own farts.

But I digress.

My Friend Pedro is being expanded into a full and Steam-worthy game subtitled Blood Bullets Bananas, and should be well done by the end of the apocalypse.

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