Boogers, zits, and a healthy dose of vomit

That about sums up the mostly cringy, live-action part of Osmosis Jones, whose – quite extraordinary – animated scenes seem to have flown under my radar for a good 16 years.

Great synergy between the protagonists, an actually terrifying cartoon villain, and some very clever writing; these are the elements that, once upon a time, elevated the king of all hybrids – Who framed Roger Rabbit – to its still standing status.

Thrax is like Judge Doom, only a bit more visceral.

So with excellent voice-acting performances by the Madagascar zebra, Frasier’s sidekick, Morpheus and Captain Kirk, and drawn in a very energetic and organic style, I’m surprised this health-ad-in-disguise didn’t garner the attention or even cult following it deserved.

I’m guessing the other half of Osmosis Jones is such a disgusting homage to puerile entertainment, no one dared look at it twice.

Love Bill Murray to bits. Just not these bits.


Here’s me waiting for the Roger Rabbit sequel. I heard it will be released simultaneously with Half-Life 3.

Or, I could, like, watch the animated adventures of Ozzy & Drix . Maybe.

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