Dead On Arrival – Aliens: Colonial Marines

There’s this thing about making poo fit for human consumption.

No matter how much you season the poo, or how many layers of cheese, ham, or vegetables you pile on top of the poo, you’ll still end up with a turd sandwich, only slightly more edible than before.

I applaud TemplarGFX‘s effort to succeed where Gearbox Software et al. failed, and create a mod/patch that raises the bar for every modder on our current homeworld. Seeing as how I could not even boot Aliens: Colonial Marines out of the virtual box, I’m happy I could experience this extra piece of Alien lore.

Even though we still have to cope with lousy AI, weird clipping and ragdoll effects, shoddy lighting, and game-breaking non-triggering mission checkpoints. Be sure to grab a buddy player to share the pain and/or controller.

I COULD go back into the game and get some footage or pictures of the disastrous events mentioned above, but I prefer to end on a positive note.

Here’s some footage of the intriguing intro sequence and first mission.


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