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A place of marvel and wonder, a place of cancer and toxins.

This is where you go when you need to see stuff you want to know about.
This is also where you see stuff you didn’t really want to know about in the first place.

There’s a fine line.

And Youtube’s in-famous {Recommended for you} algorithm made the latter a whole lot easier to fall for.

Why though?

But the real question is this:

When do YOU consider something a spoiler?

Let me just cut to the chase and the anecdote.

I love NieR.

I love it so much, I do to NieR: Automata what I always do when new and highly anticipated releases are on the horizon:

Avoid any and all trailers, articles, and concept artwork.

Exceptions are possible for box art and theme songs.


I don’t need to know who your main or supporting characters will be.
I have no interest in a showcase of ultimate end-game combos or monster battles.
Setting, story, antagonists, please leave the premises.

This is the sequel to NieR we’re talking about.
And it’s made by Platinum Games, renowned for Bayonetta, Transformers/TMNT, and Vanquish.
You don’t need my approval.
And I don’t need your pitch.

So imagine my surprise when I was minding my own avoiding-anything-related-to-NieR business, when Youtube pops this cap in my face:

Don’t click me. Also, stop reading maybe.

If you clicked: the video title basically indicates the existence of an entirely optional end-game secret boss, who in turn was a very important good-guy character in the previous game.

Clearly, I did not need to know this, not right before the game’s release, not just after, not ever.

One could not avoid the talk about butts. It was everywhere. One wasn’t bothered. Much.


I do understand why the video exists, but it’s not Youtube’s place – or anyone else’s for that matter – to assume this information is something I crave for.

I don’t appreciate it either when a waiter serves me monkey brains because I went to a zoo once.

Not a fan at all.


The same applies if you’d tell me Gackt will be a hidden boss in Kingdom Hearts III.

I would be teh sad.

And not because it’s the second dumbest idea ever.

For some bizarre reason, defying all sense of preservation of self and innocence, I felt compelled to voice my disdain in the Youtube comment section, for the first time in my life.

SPOILER ALERT: this was a bad call.

Later, after actually skimming through the comments myself, I found out several like-minded people had done the same.

But for every person who felt spoiled, there were many others who tried to reason with the bespoiled, …

  • by urging us not to watch spoilers even though no one actually watched the video itself,
  • by arguing we shouldn’t actively look for spoilers even though recommendations don’t work that way,
  • by convincing us there is no spoiler even though the title clearly says SECRET BOSS INSERTNAMEHERE,

What are you, blind?

  • by assuming we would never ever have found out about this secret ourselves even though you don’t fucking know me,
  • and finally, by calling us dumbasses, snowflakes, pussies, etc. even though scientists believe this is not how you maintain a healthy discussion.


The best part of it all is – and here comes the punch line – is the following argument:

“This is an easter egg”,
he or she says.

I’ve been told this custom is not widely upheld in The Netherlands or Germany during Easter, but in Belgium you have to physically put an effort to it and scour through gardens and parks for sweet, chocolate secrets. You didn’t get a map or a Youtube video showing you how to find those damn eggs.

Don’t remember it being this easy though.

So what does this mean? Did our commenter not have a pleasant, conformist youth? Or is this custom unheard of where he or she comes from?

In any case, I personally would never pass up the opportunity to try and gain something from personal experience, only to turn to others when I’m clueless or curious.

But that’s just me.

And a few others.

 * * *


How about you, dear reader?

How do you feel about spoilers?
How far or low can you go?
Am I being the stuck-up spoiler-Nazi here?
Or am I wrong to think I have a choice in acquired knowledge?
What about the Easter egg hunt in your country?
Part of the game or heathen custom?


Rant: complete

Featured image from justgame.com.au

2 Comments on “Easter Eggs : Recommended for you

  1. How do you feel about spoilers? / How far or low can you go?
    If it’s a show/movie/game I like, I absolutely detest (understatement) spoilers.

    I get the fact that you want to talk about events that have happened during a certain show/movie/game.
    Sometimes, you really need to process certain things (e.g. How I Met Your Mother ‘s finale, the four last words of Gilmore Girls, etc.), and what better way to do it than to see if other people share your opinion or not, and if not; why.

    If it’s a show/movie/game that I did not particularly like but I still want to know how it ends, I love the fact that you can watch those spoilers.

    Still, this does not change the fact that people should be able to make the decision themselves. Therefore, a spoiler without the mention “Spoiler Alert” is, frankly speaking (pardon my french), a dick move.

    Am I being the stuck-up spoiler-Nazi here? / Or am I wrong to think I have a choice in acquired knowledge?
    I think you are completely right. Starting an argument with the YouTube community though – or most of the Internet communities for that matter – was bound to bring more frustration than anything else. Still, this article is a nice way to put it in perspective. 🙂

    What about the Easter egg hunt in your country? /Part of the game or heathen custom?
    I’m also from Belgium so easter egg hunt is, as you said, all about the fun of discovering the eggs yourself. 🙂

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