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As you might have realised by now, I don’t only write about video games, but about related media as well, such as movies, series, comics, etc.
I usually try to link these media items with a game, just for the sake of it, but sometimes I don’t.

This is one of those times I didn’t.

What’s that on his shou…OHMYGODKILLITWITHFIRE

Wasurenagumo, or Li’l Spider Girl if you want, is not one of those 5 to 10 minutes shorts, showing off a powerful message combined with a stroke of fine art.
No, it’s about 23 minutes long, the art doesn’t come off as particularly fresh or innovating, and the characters seem to follow the standard tropes at first glance.

But it’s worth a watch, if not for the bizarre – and for some, frightening – concept of A FRIGGIN’ LITTLE SPIDER GIRL, then for the twists and turns it takes to reach its conclusion. You won’t regret it.


Part of the Young Animator Training Project, of which Little Witch Academia by Trigger is probably the most famous, Wasurenagumo is one of four shorts in the 2012 line-up and made by Production I.G., which we covered a bit in our All of the insanity in anime today piece.

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