I know a great drinking game

Step 1
Put on a Transformers movie. Take number 4 for maximum effect.

Where a US truck riding a metal dinosaur save the day by smashing Chinese monuments

Where a US truck riding a metal dinosaur saves the day by smashing Chinese monuments.

Step 2
Drink whenever…

…a human’s orange face hurts your eyes.
…explosions means fireworks everywhere.
…lethal wounds are healed by car polish .
an attempt is made at emotional engagement/humorous shenanigans/dramatic oneliners.
…you wonder whatever happened to Marky Mark .
…Optimus ‘freedom is the right of every sentient being‘ Prime tries to kill everything on sight.

Step 3

Alcohol poisoning

This is also most likely what transpired when Activision decided they could make the critically acclaimed War for/Fall of Cybertron games tie in with the movie. Rise of the Dark Spark only just about destroyed High Moon Studios‘ carefully built franchise.

But there is hope.
PlatinumGames created the delightful nostalgia-fest Transformers: Devastation.
They’re also kicking ass with IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Crafting something beautiful from IDW’s Transformers is only a step away. And why stop at games

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