I’ll let you in on a secret

I finally flinched, and got me a PS4.

Goodbye days and nights of swooping like a vulture past my roommate’s man cave, waiting for him to fall asleep so I’d steal his property.

I am my own man now.

Do you know what triggered it? Transformers triggered it. That's right, I'm a fan, deal with it.

To be more precise, Transformers – Devastation triggered it, being ‘free’ for PS4 on PS Plus. I’m a sucker for ‘signs’ like that.
By the way, its comic book counterpart – only in name – is available, among many others, for less than nothing in the Humble Revolution Bundle.


Are you still reading?


In need of a PS4 yourself? Are you a patient person like myself, and not too wanting of the newest fads?

Then here’s the best deal you can find in the Benelux: A PS4 Slim with TWO DualShock controllers, and a game you can sell full price to the next best person who likes having samey games on a regular basis.

That’s the secret. I dislike sports games with a minor vengeance. Deal with it.


First World Solution

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