Infinity Inc-omplete

Do you feel half the person you used to be?

Or is there something missing in your life, someone that completes you?


Then why not CLONE yourself!

Don’t worry. You can at, any time, get rid of your other self with the pull of a trigger. Or train rails. Or a freight elevator. Or laser beams. Or …

Beware, mental scarring might ensue.

Created by The Shpufa (George Kobyakov, without his wife Helena on this project), Infinity Inc. will take you on a trip through a dystopian world, where cloning has gone from a blessing to a curse.

But the game is far from done!

This minimalist, retro-inspired action platformer – whose cloning schtick is very reminiscent of The Swapper  – still needs YOU! And your cold hard cash of course.

Watch the IndieGoGo pitch below!

But stop at the 1.24 mark unless you want to see the entire demo!

Honestly, I like it.

The puzzles make good use of the clone gimmick, and our mustachied hero seems like a solid guy or two.

The story and/or narration could use some smoothing over, but the core experience is there.
Try the demo yourself if you like, it costs you 15 well-spent minutes of your time.

Here’s to a successful crowdfunding campaign!

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