It’s a Virtual Christmas!

So many goodies thrown in our faces! If you’re looking for some virtual gifts for your contemporaries this holiday season, now’s the time to go splurging!

PSN Store

As mentioned before, PSN Plus is giving out the real goods this month, so take your time to check it out.
The Deal of the Week’s clock is ticking however, better rush for that 15 bucks worth of Remastered Last of Us on PS4!


Humble Bundle

Humble strikes again, with precision, and then some. It’s the Company of Heroes Anniversary Bundle coming your way, and one can only try to dodge the little extras that come with it, such as a soundtrack, exclusive skins, and a T-shirt.
Per usual, extra karma is earned, as some of the proceedings go to 4 (!) different charities, plus one of your choosing.

But remember people: 7 DAYS.


Coming out of nowhere, Indiegala just went loco and is pushing out TWENTY EIGHT games for TWO AND A HALF bucks.
Granted, some of these puzzlers, point’nclickers, visualnovels, mobileports – and many more genres – might not cater to everyone’s insatiable needs, but COME ON. Less than 10 cent per game?
If you had 28 family members your holiday worries would be over.

BUT YOU BETTER HURRY! Prices will go up in 4 hours.

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