The prophecies came true.

The ultimate Kingdom Hearts experience – if you have a PS4 Pro of course – has finally arrived!

Four remasters / remakes, and two movies, all in glorious 4k and at somewhat steady 60fps!

And fairly priced to boot!

If you’ve never played the originals, nor bought the seperate remasters on PS3, then this re-re-release is a STEAL!

If not, they’re still very nice additions but getting a bit pricey there don’t ya think? Maybe you could have spent that money on…

Oh shit, say it ain’t so.



Okay, back up a little.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was released a few months ago, ushering in the advent of the fabled Kingdom Hearts III.

It combined a 3DS remaster, an hour long movie about a mobile game, and a three-hour-long showcase demo, for…

oh. wow.

And now, a few months later, the older games pop up in a separate tin.

I mean, I applaud the fact that fans and newcomers alike receive the perfect stepping stone towards a bright new future, but… should we… should we wait for another re-re-re-release? Or is this finally it?
No Super Extreme Final Mix on the horizon? No Special Snowflake Bundles comin’ up anytime soon?

And then?

Is… is Kingdom Hearts III going to be… EPISODIC?

Will I need to buy separate story sequences or extra music DLC?

Or should I just wait for KH3.5HD8K Ultimate Chapter Omega – The Pre-Sequel Intermezzo?

One thing is certain though.

I’m glad I don’t need to spend ALL of the munnies.

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