Knights of Pen, Paper, and my Cellphone

In line with yesterday’s post, let’s have a look at another mobile game. Not a free one this time, so presumably better?

Disregarding this shortsighted approach of mine, I must say Knights of Pen and Paper doesn’t suffer from the usual negative qualities of mobile games, namely lack of depth and length.
Positive qualities include the ‘quick fun’ aspect, but the music does leave something to be desired.

It’s not bad per se, but it does get on the nerves after the umptieth battle. So all the better that Behold Studios created an engaging, witty and – oh so much – self-aware story, making this a very enjoyable experience in short bouts or during long shit breaks.

Or let me put it this way: I bought the +1 edition, and I sure as hell will get the sequel.
I’m also a huge fan of Chroma Squad , and am looking forward to the seemingly extremly polished Galaxy of Pen and Paper .

Here – for your trouble – have some shoddily recorded gameplay of me battling a few MissingNos.

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