Less than meets the eye

I recently watched one of the latest episodes of Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) – not to be confused with the Japanese-made series of the same name from 2001 – and was unpleasantly surprised how little advancement was made in terms of the gray area between good and evil.

As long as the human element gives us the thumbs up.

Worse, what I saw was pretty mind-bogglingly backwards. 

Two little mini-cons, “evil” by nature I suppose, are convinced by the “heroic” Bumblebee that they have nothing in common with their evil master, and should rather help the good guys defeat said master instead. Childlike as they are, they’re easily convinced by good guy Bumblebee, and are being led back to base by him soon after, by means of clanging pots and pans together, drawing them in like a techno-organic Pied Piper.



And what lies in wait at base?

The exact same sort reserved for the most heinous criminals in the universe: a cryogenic stasis pod that is meant to hold them for months, or even years on end.


Problem solved. Cause dismissed.


What is the message here? No really, what are you trying to convey here, Hasbro?
That delinquent kids are no better than terrorists, and should not even be attempted to be reasoned with, or given a new, meaningful purpose in life?
Nope, just put ’em in the freezer, the problem will solve itself, later, maybe.



You disgust me, Hasbro, or whoever writes this drabble for your kids shows.

My love for the small and big screen is thus nearing depletion. I think I’ll stick to some of the games, where no drama is needed for some great action sequences , or the comic books, where even the most hated tyrant can be given a second chance.

4 Comments on “Less than meets the eye

  1. Stupidest, reactionary bleeding heart review I’ve ever seen. A extremely simple show made for kids eludes the pretentious mind of this article’s writer. The show has made it clear multiple times that the prisoners aboard the prison ship are dangerous to the innocent humans of the planet and subduing them to bring them back to their home planet is priority one. The autobots do not have resources to keep track of hundreds of escapees in open-regime much less do they have the ability to reform them, the two minicons in particular were shown in a past episode to be agents of chaos that cannot be reasoned with and seek only mayhem. This site seems to lack basic concepts of responsibility and duty to the innocent and should check his priorities before judging media. Specially odd considering that you seem to give the IDW comics a pass, where Megatron is forgiven for genocide even though it is well known what horrible consequences that would lead to but the narrative is okay with painting a victim of a robot-holocaust as evil just because he’s not okay with the outcome of that trial. Pitiful.

    • Hey JohnSpock,

      Thanks for the comment, I absolutely see where you’re coming from.

      I didn’t want to go in too much detail for the non-Transformers fans out there, or even spoil things for the others, but since you went ahead and did it for me… 🙂
      Keeping track of all the escapees is indeed impossible, but reform or coalition with some should not be out of the question. Other than needing a token dinosaur on the team, why would they have done it with Grimlock? Removing lethal weaponry and assigning a task seems a lot more humane than literally saying “Let’s get you back into your stasis pods” and throwing away the key. I did miss the part about the little guys being agents of chaos, I must admit.
      And regarding Megatron’s “trial”… I’m not saying I agree entirely, but I love the fact that IDW is thinking outside of the box, rearranging what we thought was pretty black and white years ago. There are many other Decepticons in those stories that weren’t evil per se, and as many Autobots that had hidden agendas.
      Though I don’t expect a kids show to go to these lengths, it’s baffling to see how little advancement is made compared to other media.
      Hasbro already has the Rescue Bots series for the smallest of us, why not go the extra mile with the ‘more mature’ shows after all these years?

  2. That’s why I stuck with the original series…

    Jetfire, or was it Skyfire in the series, got offered a second chance on Autobot side.

    • And so he did in the comic as well, Kenny. I believe he was the only one to ever switch sides in G1, bar Catilla from the UK comics.

      Nowadays there are a lot more who receive an epiphany, or choose to remain neutral, whereas we also have gung-ho Movie Optimus who shoots downed and unarmed enemies in the face.

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