Monster Hunter – love it or hate it

I do both.

After spending over 1000 hours with my buddies in the first few iterations on PSP – going as far as to play the Japanese versions – and giving in to Nintendo’s demands to buy a Wii SOLELY for Monster Hunter Tri, it’s safe to say we got ourselves a small addiction running.

We even bought this baby right here. Gathering dust as we speak.


Seeing as we do have a certain amount of spine, but clearly not the same amount of time and money, we cut our losses right then and there.

No 3DS for us. Certainly no WiiU either.

By now we’re completely out of it, not really understanding where all those spin-offs, semi-sequels, costume DLC’s and funky kittens come from.

Perfect outfits for slaying dragons. Not weird at all.

Soon, Monster Hunter XX, the stand-alone upgrade to Monster Hunter Generationsit’s Capcom, after all – will give us even more kibble and bits to run around in.

And here we are, just waiting for a next-gen release with wifi co-op capabilities that isn’t entirely in Chinese

That Ghosts ‘n Goblins armor looks pretty cute though… What… What’s the price for a 3DS nowadays?


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