Monster Hunter Switch to Pro?

This title might be a bit clickbaity. Or is it?

This is not your father’s Monster Hunter. Well, okay, it is a little bit.


Capcom’s latest feat in milking its portable monster cow, was its Japan-only 3DS release of Monster Hunter XX (March 2017), the stand-alone update to Monster Hunter X (November 2015) – also known as Monster Hunter Generations in the rest of the world – which in turn is the same-engine sequel to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (October 2014), the Japan-only standalone update to 2013’s Monster Hunter 4.

Hard to follow?

I feel ya.

It’s Street Fighter all over again, pushed to the extreme.


At least Monster Hunter is broadening its appeal again to the console crowd, with the upcoming port of Monster Hunter XX  to Nintendo Switch, aka the 2DS Pro, or the WiiU-P. The P stands for Portable, not yet another eufemism for urination.

Unfortunately, I don’t really own a Switch, or a WiiU, or one of the SIX different 3DS handheld consoles.

But I do have this baby, adorning my shelf of about 10 Wii-games, half of which have been ported to more powerful consoles within a few years time.


Does that mean I’m gonna be that obstinate fanboy that clings to any and all rumor of the Monster Hunter series finally returning to their original Sony big screen, with an actual next-gen coating like the infamous Asia-only Monster Hunter Online ?


Yes, I am.

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