mush-room time-out

This is not the end.


This site is almost one year old now, and it’s been one hell of a road through brainfartville.

In this short amount of time I spurned out more nonsense than I ever did in high school and college combined, and I only grew the better of it.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way.

This is also The End.


Fret not, I just mean that not everyone is AWARE of this puddle of shroomy reviews and fungal thoughts’ existence.

And seeing as I spend hours – if not days – to spruce up mostly every single post…

…I need to step up my game.

This used to be The End.


This entails taking my sweet time figuring out how to make this site more… visible.
Maybe even tweak the layout here and there, or get rid of this mostly-uneditable WordPress theme altogether.

Or, take lessons on how to write in a more structured fashion while adding more ‘content’ to each post.

Apparently, also The End.


Hahaha fuck no.

But I will post somewhat more sporadically instead of trying to obstinately fit in – amongst the daily tasks of life – a shroom a day.

So whoever is still on board this cruise through crazy game-town, STAY TUNED, but don’t stay up all night waiting for that one post.

One day, I will make THE BEST SITE EVER.

The end of us all.

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