Nick’s picks – [Humble]

So here we are again. You have a dollar to spend but you have no clue where or on what. Why spend it anyway?

That’s where Humble Bundle steps in.


You get stealth-game Volume, by the same studio that showed the world the simplistic beauty of Thomas Was Alonewith composer David Housden at the helm of both.

We also get TIS-100 by Zachtronics, a programming simulator that murders my brain for every thumbs up it gets on Steam.

And lastly, Legend Of Grimrock II enters the arena, with its new take on an old genre, the first-person dungeon crawler. If this doesn’t tickle your Eye of the Beholder fancy, I don’t know what does.

For a little extra, you can also score Infinifactory, another addictive puzzler from Zachtronics.

And The Secret World, the highly acclaimed MMORPG where every myth comes to life.

And last but certainly not least, Dungeons 2, the next best thing to a Dungeon Keeper sequel – the latter which is still FREE of charge on Origin.

Oh right, for a lot more, Grim Dawn can also be yours, if you didn’t already pick it up in the Monthly Bundle some time back.

Beautiful game. Great co-op. Mediocre storytelling. All this and more, in a future review near you.

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