Oh Squaresoft, what have you become …

It was not enough to announce paid downloadable content for Final Fantasy 15 before the main game was even out.

Postponing PS4 acquisition – reason nr. 103

You did not stop at filtering out content from the remastered Final Fantasy 12, so as to make it a pre-order / deluxe bonus for the easily swayed.

Blasphemy of the highest order.


Will it end with the pre-order costumes for the newly announced remake of Secret of Mana? Costumes which, in 1993, were an integral part of one of the most famous JRPG’s ever?

Why am I getting worked up about cosmetic DLC? Because you’re capitalising on my childhood, that’s why.


Or will you continue to push your agenda unto subcontracted developers, like Deck Nine and their prequel of Life Is Strange – Before The Storm? Why add another, more expensive ‘optional’ episode when you know every fan of the previous game will want to experience it anyway?

No, please do rip out some of my book’s pages, I can fill in the blanks myself.




Simple and pure.

More money, faster money, all of the money, and then some.

Square Enix has a lot of mouths to feed. And it’s up to us to keep the obese sated.


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