Repent, Sinner

They almost got me again. Damn it. Nearly renounced my own credo…

I don’t own a PS4. There is one in my house somewhere, but it’s not mine. I can use it for specific purposes, but I don’t own it.

I wanted a new Grand Theft Auto. For oldskool shits and giggles. Number 5 came up, but I couldn’t. I knew it was going to be buggy. Incomplete. DLC Stories would probably follow. I’ll hold.

My backbone is strong. Metal Gear Solid 5 almost pushed me over the edge. But then I saw they were going to release a bigger, better PlayStation. Fine, I’ll hold again.

Remastered games, brilliant sequels, updated indies… Nope, just a little longer.

Final Fantasy XV‘s hype was getting to me. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was going to crack! Take all of my mon…!


Season Pass? DLC that’s got ‘episode’ in the name? Whu…wha…why…

I’ll hold on a while longer.

Final Fantasy XV Season Pass announced [Update]


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