The arcade is dead! Long live the arcade!

That carpet tho

That carpet tho

No seriously, I haven’t seen a functional, flourishing gaming arcade in my home country for over a decade, and ancient gems hidden in some dingy bar will never be able to compete with 2 to 3 floors of stroboscoping neon lights and blip-blop sounds screeching through way-out-of-date speakers.

I remember going to a multi-story haven of pleasure in London, where you could also buy action figures, anime-related knickknacks, and assorted gadgets, in shops strewn around the staircases of the rather imposing gaming arcade. I can’t recall the name of the place though – it wasn’t SEGAWORLD for sure – and it certainly held no candle to the ones in Japan or Dubai.

So yeah, let’s stick to the hidden gems for now, until I reach the shores of the promising Far East.

Found this one in a Burger Grill, surrounded by creepy Indian mugshots, on a derelict commercial site some ways of the Parisian periphery.

You drive around catching motorbikes I guess.

Native Americans be watching.


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