Toilet breaks just became a whole lot more interesting

Thanks to this mix of oldskool and newskool cutesy cartoony but deadly business, my time in the restroom went from “Wow man, you’re fast” to “He’s been gone for hours, should we call an ambulance?

Of course I’m talking about Worms 4 and Guild of Dungeoneering on mobile.

Not depicted: bloodshot eyes and broken friendships

Uttering these words seemed impossible a few years ago, when I was convinced mobile games were just feeding on people’s needs for quick and mindless satisfaction, reeling in as much money for as little content as possible.

But when they started porting those little quirky indie titles to our increasingly powerful smartphones and tablets, one can only lower its guard and take these gems for what they are: a tremendously fun toilet seat passtime.

Which may or may not be quick and mindless.

And I’ll gladly pay less than a buck a game if it means you get the full lavatory experience without microtransactions and pay-to-win schemes.

Disclaimer: there’s still some DLC not included and there might be some (fairly useless) micro-transactions involved. So sue me.

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