X-COM meets Alien Fallout

That about sums up Phoenix Point for now.

Already backed for over 500k in less than a week’s time, this newest project by Jullian Gollop and Snapshot Games will surely blow us out of the alien infested waters in a dark and grim future anytime soon.

Mind you, this isn’t Gollop’s baptism of fire. As one of the creators of the original X-COM (UFO: Enemy Unknown), he knows which knobs to turn and what buttons to press. Granted, his previous re-imagining of one of his oldskool titles – Chaos: The Battle of Wizards – wasn’t received as well as one might have hoped, but you can’t deny a lot of love and attention was poured into it.

Regardless, all I want is to shoot a minigun-toting Mirelurk in the proverbial face.

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