Mnstr Hntr Wrld

I can’t even pronounce it, I’m still choking on my tears of joy.

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Dragon Ball Redemption

Or as Bandai Namco calls it, Dragon Ball FighterZ.

What’s in a name, right?

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So I binge watched and binge played everything so-called ‘canon’ Alien out there, and this is my conclusion:

A few minutes is all you need to appreciate the little things in life.

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mush-room time-out

This is not the end.


This site is almost one year old now, and it’s been one hell of a road through brainfartville.

In this short amount of time I spurned out more nonsense than I ever did in high school and college combined, and I only grew the better of it.

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Everyone needs more clay in their life

And if you gotta start somewhere, start by checking out Lee Hardcastle‘s awesome slash gruesome “claysploitation” videos.

This is not your daddy’s DOOM.

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Whoever thought Final Fantasy wasn’t METAL enough… – [soundbyte f]

…can always count on the world wide web to provide.

Although it’s more of a synth rock metal orchestral chiptune fusion kinda thing, no?

Monster Hunter Switch to Pro?

This title might be a bit clickbaity. Or is it?

This is not your father’s Monster Hunter. Well, okay, it is a little bit.


Capcom’s latest feat in milking its portable monster cow, was its Japan-only 3DS release of Monster Hunter XX (March 2017), the stand-alone update to Monster Hunter X (November 2015) – also known as Monster Hunter Generations in the rest of the world – which in turn is the same-engine sequel to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (October 2014), the Japan-only standalone update to 2013’s Monster Hunter 4.

Hard to follow?

I feel ya.

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After a long day of hard work…


Ecco the #$@&%*! dolphin – [soundbyte e]

These games were hard as balls.

Also, like, wtf man.


And it made the atmospheric MegaDrive soundtracks all the more memorable.

Getting older
Getting younger

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Say I’m not the only one who noticed this

Once you know, you can never unknow.