Jumping on the newswagon

Because it’s everywhere, and you can’t ignore it:

The SNES Classic Mini is coming our way.

And it is loaded – as expected – with only the finest 16-bit classics who once went on to spawn gazillions of sequels, and haven’t stopped yet.

Look at it. Cute as buttons.

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The important things in life

That time you travelled the world, discovering golden pyramids and ancient lizard people, while crushing anything and anyone that stood in your way.



Me going to an actual concert

That moment when you see thin red lines followed by starry visuals while Hans Zimmer is building up his crescendo of drums and snares live in front of you.




Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, In The Mix – [soundbyte g]

Sir, Madam, are you familiar with Ghosts 'n Goblins‘ (1985) most iconic tune?

If not, I urge you to first check out a minute or two of any of the playthroughs below.




Got that theme memorized?

Time for some chiptune-infused drum ‘n rocksteptrance overkill, courtesy of Capcom’s 30th Anniversary Music Best: Original & Arrange:



It’s crazy. I like crazy.

In the shadow of a colossal re-rerun

Does the world need another remake (2018) of a remaster (2011) of a classic game (2005)?

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Mnstr Hntr Wrld

I can’t even pronounce it, I’m still choking on my tears of joy.

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Dragon Ball Redemption

Or as Bandai Namco calls it, Dragon Ball FighterZ.

What’s in a name, right?

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So I binge watched and binge played everything so-called ‘canon’ Alien out there, and this is my conclusion:

A few minutes is all you need to appreciate the little things in life.

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mush-room time-out

This is not the end.


This site is almost one year old now, and it’s been one hell of a road through brainfartville.

In this short amount of time I spurned out more nonsense than I ever did in high school and college combined, and I only grew the better of it.

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Everyone needs more clay in their life

And if you gotta start somewhere, start by checking out Lee Hardcastle‘s awesome slash gruesome “claysploitation” videos.

This is not your daddy’s DOOM.

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