Street Fighter 5.1 – HOT PACKAGE

Oh hey buy this Japan-only game so you can get 2 extra hot costumes for that other game you have, or pre-order the US version for maximum price, or wait until a few other characters are available so you can buy them as well, or wait for Super Ultra Mega Street Fighter Remix Turbo V Max  and buy again, buy more, buy buy buy…

OR, dear Capcom, how about giving us the entire cake from the get-go ?

Besides, it seems like someone’s nether regions don’t seem to fully agree with this whole Hot Package deal anyhow…

There’s always time for some oldskool T&A

Especially when you’re out fighting the occult in your cell-shaded panties.

Fear Effect and Retro Helix have been re-released for a while now, and even though they haven’t aged quite as well as that bottle of Bordeaux I keep lying around, you should grab ’em while they’re hot and get prepped for the next instalment.

It took more than 15 years, so I’ll gladly crack that bottle open.

Too hot for comfort?

I know what it’s like.
You get a day off, maybe more – it’s a national holiday in Belgium FYI – but it’s scorching hot outside. You want to stay inside, keep cool, but not feel like you’re wasting your time away.

WELL THEN, waste no more.

Dish out one measly dollar, and pick up Spec Ops – The Line, the only war game you’ll ever need to feel bad about. You can thank me tomorrow.

[Included: The Darkness II and Duke Nukem Forever. Don’t even think about it.]

We do Love Katamari – [soundbyte k]

Sometimes when driving past unsuspecting pedestrians, I like to crank it up while this particular song is playing. Everyone be all like “ooh classical how distinguished” or “shit holmes that scared the bejeebus outta me”, and I’ll be like THAT’S HOW I ROLL

‘Cuz Katamari.

[a] Get Off My Lawn


It giveth friendships, it taketh friendships.

Griefing 101

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[#] Our Very First Game Impression

And it all began with the number 2.

So here you are, reading mush-room’s very first article, created at the beginning and end of time,
forged in the fires of war and tempered during the lull of peace, inspired by the rise and fall of kingdoms, the birth and death of star systems, the push and pull of life, love, and everything that matters in our universe.

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