Dear shroomies,

Adventure abroad is clamoring for my attention, and I must heed its call.

Even so, my quest for game related mush continues, as I will soon gaze upon the glory of Solar Fields (soundtrack Capsized – Mirror’s Edge – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst), and many others.

But fear not! I will leave this website in the able hands of Robo-Shroom, an advanced alien A.I. that will curate your daily needs – except it will be every other day, not daily.
There is, however, a slight possibility not all posts or pictures will show up in your browser. Don’t mention it. He doesn’t take well to criticism.

slight chance of destroying all humans

slight chance of destroying all humans

I’ll be back in action in two weeks, so this place better not have burned down or collapsed into a singularity by then.

Enjoy our next review later tonight, a few days before schedule!

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  1. Ben ik de enige die de extreme gelijkenis met Hillary Clinton ziet?

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