Hotline Music – [soundbyte h]

What more do you need when laying waste to scores of pixelated mobsters, dogs, phone company employees and Biker Men from Hell ?

A Killer soundtrack.

That's with a capital K.

That’s with a capital K.

Both Hotline Miami and its sequel Wrong Number bring out the worst in people, with the best of tunes.
Many of the licensed music artists know their way around games, but all of them have a knack at driving you to virtual psychotic blood lust.

Put your hands together for these electro/synthwave wizards, and enjoy the auditory madness from Jasper Byrne (Lone Survivor), Scattle (Super Meat Boy), El Huervo (else { Heart.break()), Perturbator and Carpenter Brut (Furi), Mitch Murder (Kung Fury), and so many more.

Full playlists below, game impression coming in a few weeks.

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