I’m NIERly done…

… geeking all over your face about this hidden gem and its gripping story or equally awesome soundracks.

BUT, just to be on the safe side, even if you never played the game and are not aware of the contextual gravity of some songs, you can’t go wrong with nearly all of them.

The ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK alone is worth it to gently seep through your speakers, and if you want to switch it up with some remixes in over/underdrive, you should really have a listen to the NIGHTMARES & ARRANGE TRACKS, partly featured in the action-oriented story-less DLC.


Been there, done that? Still need more POWER? Then have a gander at TRIBUTE ALBUM – ECHO- for the real over-the-top stuff!

Settle down, boys and girls! Got relatives over, but aren’t sure of how to show off your eclectic taste in music? Start slow and smooth, with either the PIANO COLLECTIONS

…or the JAZZ ARRANGE VERSIONS. There’s something for everybody. You have my word on it.

High hopes for the upcoming eargasms in NIER : Automata.

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