Jagged Memories – [soundbyte j]

You know what’s hard?

Playing 90’s video games on PC. Without instruction manual!

I know, hardcore right?

Not only did I manage to save parts of the universe in Duke Nukem 3D without the use of a mouse, conquer half of the world in Civilization without knowing how to build cities myself, and finally, get my team of mercenaries to leave the first area in Jagged Alliance

Which took me about a day.

Which makes me a rather bad gamer as a kid, with even worse intuition.

To distract you from this embarrassing personal revelation, here’s a snippet of chill music from Jagged Alliance 2, a worthy successor that improved upon almost every aspect. Especially leaving first areas.

This music actually plays when you’re shopping online for mercenaries, so I put this on loop whenever I go on amazon for maximum effect.

3 Comments on “Jagged Memories – [soundbyte j]

  1. Nice tune! 🙂 never played the game though…

    But admittedly: playing pirates gold, flightsim 3 or centurion without manual was frustrating!

    Playing games without manual on C64 was impossible. Wing commander 1 C64… look it up on youtube. Was nothing more than some instruments and a green screen.

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