Jesus Christ – [soundbyte x]

It’s hard to find games that start with an X.

And of those few that are worth playing, it’s even harder to find a game with a decent soundtrack.

So allow me to cheat this once, and come clean at the same time: Xenogears.

Never played Xenogears. It’s a darn shame but I haven’t touched this piece of JRPG history from the PS1 era as of yet.
But things are going to change.
After all, with such a resplendent soundtrack, it’s clear I’ve missed out on much.

One of Yasunori Mitsuda‘s best works, Xenogears‘ soundtrack managed to touch the hearts of many a gamer in its time  (1998), and plays a big part in the cult following the game itself garnered.

Also, you can kinda kill God.

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