Killer Cuts – [soundbyte k]

Arcade games from the nineties are friggin’ awesome. Their console ports… not so much.

But still a load of fun, due to the fact you weren’t spending all your allowance in one go with prying eyes in your back.

And some ports – although graphically or musically inferior – gave a little extra in the form of new modes, more skins, and in the case of Killer Instinct (1995)…


That’s right.

Inside the SNES box of Killer Instinct you’d find a CD with arranged tracks from the arcade game. I even played this disc so much it evaporated into awesomeness.

That said, the new Killer Instinct (2014-2016) on Xbox One is also pretty rad. The music is very… modern. It’ll probably grow on me, but nostalgia hasn’t kicked in yet.

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