PERSONA – nothing makes sense anymore – [soundbyte p]

You’d think I refer to the butchered localization of the first games, when they were originally released on PlayStation.
Or the fact that the plot is all over the place, making it hard to connect to the characters at first.

No, those are stories for another day. I’m talking about the soundtrack of the first game’s PSP remake, Revelations: Persona.

Listen to this for a minute.


That’s the battle theme.

Considering the frequency of random encounters, you probably hear this for 99% of the time playing this game. I would say it’s not half bad either, but that’s probably because I’m completely brainwashed by now.

And those lyrics… God those lyrics… What. The. Hell.

Worse, I’m having a go at Persona 2 – Innocent Sin at the moment, where the music is far more neutral and lyricless – for now.
But whenever I put down that game… and I think back on the adventures I just had… I CAN HEAR THIS FUCKING SONG.

But hey. There are worse things than having one Persona‘s catchy tune stuck in the back of your head. You could, like, have them all stuck in the back of your head.

Here’s the intro movie for reference. Welcome to hell.

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