Quantity vs. Quality

I’m talking about Humble Bundle’s simultaneously running bundles on offer, namely the…

… and the…

If you’re into Assassin’s Creed, you can get all but the latest game for only 15 bucks. No questions asked.

If you’re into varied, revered, or notorious indie games with superb soundtracks – whose albums are sadly not included as a bonus – the Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle will be right up your alley.

For a mere 10 bucks you get access to…

 the third game in Shantae‘s belly-dancing platforming adventures, with tunes by Jake Kaufman (Double Dragon Neon, Shovel Knight, Mighty Switch Force, …)

… the mindfuck that might or might not be about ponies and lasers, with music by Jonah Senzel.

… a cyber-punk bartender story that will leave you wanting for more, partly thanks to Garoad‘s blissful tunes.

 the turn-based non-JRPG for modern times, scored by Phyrnna.

… a refurbished Tim Schafer graphic adventure epic, with a soundtrack on par with the level of crazy in the game.

 by the heroes who brought us Risk of Rain, including the dude who provided the more than fitting music, Chris Christodoulou.

… the minimalistic puzzle platformer that oozes simplistic perfection out of every orifice – mainly the auditory ones.

And a few secret games to be revealed soon!

I know where my pennies are going.


Two more games joined the overwhelming awesomeness of the Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle, namely…

… a simple yet powerful time and space destroyer, with bits and beats by Spiff Tune.

… a gorgeous first-person parkour game, accompanied by Kristofferson‘s equally gorgeous music.


I must say, this is all positively overwhelming.

Originally published on: Jan 13, 2017

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