Sounds of Future Past – [soundbyte n]

The sequel to 2010’s most underappreciated game, NieR, is being steamrolled in by Platinum Games somewhere next year, which is all kinds of awesome. Not wanting to s(p)oil myself too much, I couldn’t resist listening to the upcoming theme song of NieR Automata. I’m not sure why, but they made two versions:

One is sung by NieR‘s mainstay vocalist Emi Evans, in her homemade futurespeak…


… while the other is sung by Tokyo-based J’Nique Nicole, in plain English.

The latter feels more like it’s made for an Anastasia sequel. Am I too biased here? Which one do you prefer?

Pro-tip: Playing both songs at the same time kind of makes it all okay.

Originally Published on
Sep 5, 2016

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