The Littlest Biggest Planets – [soundbyte l]

Little Big Planet and all of its sequels and spin-offs are mostly known for their {Play – Create – Share} tagline, inciting all kids on the block to peak at their most artistic and creative.

Because of course.

But some praise should definitely go the auditory side of things, starting with charismatic narrator Stephen Fry – who is joined later on by Hugh Laurie, turning the series in a virtual A bit of Fry and Laurie reunion – and ending with the eclectic use of music styles throughout the games.

Concept Sack O’Bean DLC for LBP4

Every one of the songs is worth having a listen to.
From the carefree ‘My Patch‘ – which I still use as ringtone – to the legendary main theme “Get it together“, which, sadly, is as iconic as it is copyrighted and blocked all over Youtube.

Beethoven would not approve.

And who remembers that one time Sony listened to the gamer’s concerns when they actually shouldn’t have?

It makes me yearn for more soundtrack releases, but for now we’ll just have to do with awesome playlists and the iTunes score from Little Big Music.


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