Town Tunes

You know what triggers me?

Catchy ‘exotic’ music. Tribal even if you will.

Listening to some live Irish tunes – and watching the accompanying performance known as riverdance – thrusts me right back to the quirky-themed towns and villages in the fantastical worlds of RPGs.

Have you experienced the same joy of entering and re-entering these locales, just to hear your then-favorite tune kick in, up until the moment your brain can’t take it anymore and you want to catapult the game straight into the sun?

I love it.

Themes that spring to mind – and I’m sure some of these will trigger something for you as well, regardless of previous game or music experience – are…

… the desert town of Kakkara, from Secret of Mana (aka Seiken Densetsu 2), on the Super Nintendo.

the sacred grounds of Cosmo Canyon, from Final Fantasy VII , on the PlayStation 1.

 the harbor town of Queens, from Dark Cloud, on the PlayStation 2.

I can think of many more, such as tunes from NIER and Shin Megami Tenseibut we could go on forever like this.

What are your favorites then?

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