You’ve got mail.

“It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you we have lost our final bit of integrity, with this upcoming Collector’s Edition re-release of Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age.”

That’s right folks. Even though many gamers – that includes yours truly – have been clamouring for a remastered FF12, Square Enix’ latest elitist stunt yet again shows us which measures they’re willing to take to split the fanbase apart.

No, it does not involve Vaan’s freakishly deformed abs in HD.


On one side there will be me and several other plebeians, happy to re-play an old story, printed on new, glossy paper, but we’ll be slightly jealous of the other side, with every right to be, because…

On the other side there will be the big spenders, the alpha-fans, who not only venture in the realm of absurd risk investment…

It’s like buying a new car but colour, brand and size will be a surprise.


… but they’re entitled to something that should have been included for everyone to enjoy:



Square Enix (probably) listened to the complaints about the arranged soundtrack of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster on PS3, and included the option to switch back to the old songs on PS4 and Steam.

But in this next chapter of Sham-The-Player, with a twist worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan script, Square is offering us a cat in a bag for the measly amount of 200 bucks, but at least it will include THE SOUNDTRACK WE FELL IN LOVE WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE, partly justifying the very existence of this remaster.

I am, clearly, not amused.

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