In Dead Space, everyone can hear you scream

Many, many years ago, I wrote my very first reviews.

One was about the survival horror masterpiece Dead Space. Others were about the decline of decent Dragon Ball fighting games...

But before I could release these silly and naive pieces of prose into the world, disaster struck. My gaming mindset and ideas became suppressed for many years after, until I recently was made Whole again.
Time, however, had moved on as well, and so did the Dead Space franchise. Books, movies, comics, spin-offs, DLC, mobile games, micro-transactions...

They did it all.

And now, the end has come.

Defunct as of October 2017


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A day at Gamescom 2017

Or, a genuine game blog post (but not really)



The short version.


What surprised us the most?
Grapefruit beer

What surprised us the least?
Three kinds of sauce with some fries

What is our fondest memory?
The monstrous exodus fifteen minutes after the big Blizzard announcement

What is our biggest regret?
Never knowing what the announcement was about j/k we don't fucking care

What would we like to see next year?
An AXE stand




The long version.
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Sega Saturn's real mascot

I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there...


I can't tell you how Sega managed to lose the millennial console war with Segata Sanshiro at the helm. But it might have something to do with him blowing up in space after saving the release of the Dreamcast...


Should've just let it go man.


A vain effort indeed. For darn shame.

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Everyone needs more clay in their life

And if you gotta start somewhere, start by checking out Lee Hardcastle's awesome slash gruesome "claysploitation" videos.

This is not your daddy's DOOM.

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Cutey Honey - then and now

You know what's cool about growing old?

History repeating itself.

No, not like this.

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Mr Donovan {β impression}

Do you have this insatiable urge to see me dicking around an alien planet, grinding for resources to rebuild my crashed spaceship and dying in the process because of the increasingly aggressive fauna and flora?


Urge no more.


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Or, as the fans call it, Monty Oum 's legacy.

But let's rewind a bit first, shall we?

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VHS Glitch

With an artist name like that, there's no reason for me to get all witty with clickbait titles.

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Gantz Geil

I don't know what it is with Gantz.

Not just leather and guns, contrary to popular belief.

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All of the insanity in anime today

That's a title made for Hiroyuki Imaishi, who had a hand in the crazy that was Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, and Kill la Kill.

If you like non-stop action, over-the-top - that's without the twists - plot devices, and a buttload of fanservice and mechas, you'd be wise to spot this name from afar.

Get his autograph. Just do it.

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Gaming Paradise. Gaming Hell.


Welcome to the neon coloured streets of Tokyo, where arcade halls can be found near practically every train station - of which there are many.
Like, many many.

Not only an assault on the eyes, but basically all other human senses as well, these ear-deafening places of monetized fun offer anything the gamer's heart desires, and more.

If you don't mind the cigarette smoke, the sound of several dance/rhythm games screeching through each other, the sight of scantilly clad anime girls, or the excessive sweating from entering this overheated electronic world of madness... you're in for a treat.

The keen eye will notice that these pictures DO NOT depict a lot of actual people in action. That's because I stayed respectful and made most of these shots in Odaiba Leisure Land, during the week, in the middle of the day.

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Remember that thing I posted about Furi and its awesome synthwave tunes? Let's focus on one of the artists from that soundtrack, and go from there.

Carpenter Brut, the mythical French synthwave artist, not only has his music featured on The Crew, Hotline Miami 2, Hacknetand Furi, but he gets the raddest music videos as well, courtesy of Seth Ickerman.

Watching the 'Making Of' is at least as fun as the original video itself, and yes, a 30-minute long movie is in the works, with Carpenter Brut on board.

Check out the kickstarter for BLOOD MACHINES.

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Quur {impression}

Today, I took Quur for a spin, and what a short but colourful adventure it was. At times like these I'm happy with this site's title.


Hey. Why don't you play the rest yourself? It only takes about 20 minutes, and will leave you wanting for more.

Quur is a student game made at Supinfogame RUBIKA (France) during the 2015-2016 school year.

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Cutey Honey riding a Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtle into battle against Optimus Prime. Sure. Okay.

And the references don't stop there, but how far down the rabbit hole are you prepared to go?

Japan Animator Expo entry #35.


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Endless Tunes - [soundbyte e]

In case you missed it, I wrote some sort of review on the Endless games recently.

Let's take our time to put French composer FlyByNo in the spotlights again, as he worked his musical magic on all three games (and upcoming sequel Endless Space 2) with great success and it's just too damn chill to appreciate his tunes in and out of the games.

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