Cutey Honey – then and now

You know what’s cool about growing old?

History repeating itself.

No, not like this.

I’m talking about games, movies and series that get a cool make-over of their long forgotten stories.

More like this.


And while I don’t fully agree – this is an understatement – with the portrayal of the world’s oldest magical girl, nor how she is sometimes seen or treated by her peers and nemeses, I love how Cutie Honey has stood the test of time, and pops up every other decade or so since 1973.

With success that’s inversely proportional to the amount of clothing.


The most striking aspect of Go Nagai‘s fortysomething franchise, is how you can put the intro theme of the very first (1973) and very last anime series (2004) next to each other, and the lyrics and tone won’t have changed one bit.

Fast-paced fan service (2004)

new tits

Slow-paced retro-ecchi (1973)

old tits


All they did was add some drums, some bass, a touch of Koda Kumi (Final Fantasy X-2 ), had Hiroyuki Imaishi have a go at the animations, and presto: anime Y2K.

Another thing about the intros that struck me as… interesting, is that in all those years, the fan service increased as much as the eye can handle the number of frames and sexual innuendo per minute, but the sexual (ab)use is not taken lightly anymore.

Whereas Honey Kisaragi seemingly had no issues with being groped in ’73 …

… she can’t stand being ‘innocuously winked at’ in 2004.


Good for her!

For all you ecchi lovers, no worries.
She still goes butt naked – even more so in the nineties – for your viewing pleasure on DailyMotion.

* * *

Other great “then and now” examples include Lupin III, whose ’77 intro matches its 2015 counterpart perfectly …

Second series

old guns

Fourth series

new guns


… and the more recent Digimon Adventure (1999). The intro theme was Wada Kouji‘s first hit single, which he reprised for Digimon Adventure Tri (2015) only days before, sadly, passing away.

My youth

old mons

My adulthood

new mons

Here’s to more of the ‘same same but different‘.

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