Something smells fishy

Meet Remoraid.



Remoraid is a fish.

He, or she, or it, is also a Pokémon.


Much like these. Also, very not so much like these.


It so happens, when you’re on your merry way “catching them all”, if you put together a Remoraid and a Mantyke – something that passes as a manta ray in the Pokéworld – the latter will grow into a bigger manta ray, with a little Remoraid glued to its underside like a cleaner fish.

Now, I’m not saying Pokémon as a whole is dumb, or that the monsters look dumb, or have dumb names, or anything dumb like that.

But if I see stuff like …

REMORAID may be a combination of remora and raid (a rapid attack). 
Alternatively, it could be a combination of remora and aid, denoting the health benefits of some fish which clean others. 
From Bulbapedia

… I lose it.


Remoraid‘ is clearly based, without a sliver of doubt, on a slimy, scaly, clingy hemorrhoid.



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