Gaming Paradise. Gaming Hell.


Welcome to the neon coloured streets of Tokyo, where arcade halls can be found near practically every train station – of which there are many.
Like, many many.

Not only an assault on the eyes, but basically all other human senses as well, these ear-deafening places of monetized fun offer anything the gamer’s heart desires, and more.

If you don’t mind the cigarette smoke, the sound of several dance/rhythm games screeching through each other, the sight of scantilly clad anime girls, or the excessive sweating from entering this overheated electronic world of madness… you’re in for a treat.

The keen eye will notice that these pictures DO NOT depict a lot of actual people in action. That’s because I stayed respectful and made most of these shots in Odaiba Leisure Land, during the week, in the middle of the day.

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