Strider Hiryu is cool

He’s one of the coolest kids on the Marvel vs Capcom block, if not THE coolest.


Look at him, taking center stage.

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Devil May Cry - the reboot you never knew you needed


The Son of Sparda.

He striketh once again, and he striketh true.


This has nothing to do with the game, at all.

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Tales from the Borderlands - for fans and newcomers alike

We wandered through an exquisite Telltale rendition of the already colourful world of Borderlands, and could not ask for a better way to spend five entertaining evenings.

Swag and Swagger.

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[J] Jotun - in the Shade of the Colossi


Short, beautiful, and the right amount of gripping content. Like most of my reviews. Ahem.


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[i] INK

Let's keep this review short.

Short, like the game itself, which took me exactly one hour, thirty-four minutes, and thirty-five seconds to get from the intro to the credits.

And that's just prime.

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[h] Hotline Miami

Miami, 1989.

It’s nice outside this time of year.

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[g] Gravity Rush / Gravity Daze

A new era has begun.

I finally took a giant leap of faith from the PSP - Sony's last-gen handheld game console - to its successor, the PS Vita.

My self-indulgent #screenshotsaturday pic from a few weeks ago says it all.

But why now?

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[d] Digimon World - Next 0rder

I fucking love Digimon.

I also fucking adore the Digimon World games.

Don’t ask me why. There is no explanation. You might as well try and find out what drives a Brony, who in their right mind believes in a purple-blue Super-Saiyan God Super-Saiyan, or when a Diglett with a tuft of hair sounds like the revolution we were all waiting for.

It might have something to do with controlling a poop who eats poop and throws poop at others. I'm not sure.

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[r] Have your children fix your mistakes

Have you tried Rogue Legacy? You should.

You really should.

It's the gateway game to everything 'rogue-like', and damn good at its job. But don't take my word for it.

Observe its grandeur for yourself.

Made with a lot of love

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[f] Back in the day…

What is ‘retrogaming’?

And why does this usually imply a delicate balance between rose-tinted nostalgia and piss-poor ageing?

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[e] Endless Enjoyment

Galaxies unfold before your very eyes, and you wonder where next to go.

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[c] The Show Must Go On!

Who doesn’t appreciate some nice cabaret every now and then?

I know I do.

                      I know I do.

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[b] Would you kindly lend me your ear

Il Credo Degli Assassini.

This is where our musical journey to Rapture begins. Not through waves of sound, but through moving images…

Not the actual way to Rapture

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[a] Get Off My Lawn


It giveth friendships, it taketh friendships.

Griefing 101

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[#] Our Very First Game Impression

And it all began with the number 2.

So here you are, reading mush-room’s very first article, created at the beginning and end of time,
forged in the fires of war and tempered during the lull of peace, inspired by the rise and fall of kingdoms, the birth and death of star systems, the push and pull of life, love, and everything that matters in our universe.

nyan cat

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